Gold is trading at $1293.5 per ounce!        Silver is trading at $14.29 per ounce!
Land Park Gold & Silver
5100 Freeport Blvd | Sacramento, CA 95822 | (916) 457-2767

We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum and Jewelry

The best prices in Sacramento.

Family Owned & Operated

Land Park Gold & Silver is family owned and operated and we have over 40 years of experience! We buy and sell gold, silver, jewelry, and coins. Do you have any unwanted jewelry? We have a vault full of cash to pay you!

We serve in Sacramento Area, CA.

We Buy And Sell Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Coins.
We Have A Vault Of Cash To Pay You!
Call for Today's Rates on Scrap Gold.
$5.00 Watch Batteries
Tax not included. Mention this website and get FREE INSTALL
See The Ad For Details
Restrictions May Apply.

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11) obat hedrbal 
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10) iannn 
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9) rafiganteng 
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7) David G. Edgington 
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Hi Jeff,
I have a 1776 silver issue, 999, 2Gr with a eagle on it the size of coin is close to a quarter in mint condition are they worth anything.
6) umacofe 
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Are you Legalni bukmacherzy online w Polsce picking up a brand new phone?
5) EL 
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I have coin dated from 1943, up to current date some I believe have errors on them.Our they worth anything of interest to bring in ?
4) Sequoia P Thompson 
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I have a buffalo nickel with the Indian on it 1926. How much is it worth
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HI you guys are the best just wanted to say hi. I'm in Santa Cruz CA. Wishing you the best always
2) Steve and Roi 
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Hey. I have an Austrian 1790 Maria something coin that i want to sell you.
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